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Date: November 28, 2015

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What do all high-ranking websites have in common?

Content that are updated constantly!

You need content for your website, blog, article writing and more.

You can write them yourself or hire someone else.

To write the content yourself requires time even if you're really knowledgable on the topics. You'll be saving some money, but is it really a good return on investment if you barely made any money?

Time = Money.

As for hiring someone to trade-off time with your money, this may be ideal if you have a lot of money. Plus, some freelance workers or company might charge $5 to $10 just for one single article. Imagine requesting 20 articles a month, that's $200! Unless you're making tons of money to begin with, that may not be an affordable option for you yet.

The solution?

High-quality Private Label Rights (PLR) content (plr products) which you can claim yourself as the author (or pen name) if you modify them in a unique way.

What can you do with PLR articles?

  • Rewrite/spin them and mass submit them to article directories boosting your traffic
  • Setup an autoblog using PLR articles and monetize on the targeted traffic
  • Create mini-site sites (Adsense, Chikita, Infolinks, etc) in various market niches
  • Compile them into a new ebook or PDF report to giveaway and build your email list
  • Convert them into an audio book, podcast, or even article video marketing
  • Translate them into different languages and target various culture demographics
  • Create Newsletters from eBooks, Articles, Press Releases and Sales Letters
  • Use them offline to create direct marketing services or advertise offline
  • And so much more - as you're limited by your imagination!

Can you see the goldmine in all of these???

However, there is still a problem....

Where do you find those free PLR articles at?

Some paid sites charge you monthly ($67 to $97 a month).

Some free sites do not provide enough content (less than 100 poorly written articles a month).

Are there other paid membership sites that provide a good value? Of course, but join this membership site first if you do not have the budget. Once you make money, you can still complement this website with other paid membership sites. An excellent strategy! provides the solutions for your FREE PLR articles needs.

But articles are not enough and you know that. What about editing or rebranding PLR ebooks/products/salescopy templates?

Therefore, offers more than just high-quality articles, but may include selection from rebrandable ebooks, ecourses, and more!

Save time on content and product creation. Use that extra valuable time for marketing your offers.

As a member here you'll get 5 articles from 15 different market niches every week.

15 Market Niche Categories

  • Arts and Entertainment
  • Business
  • Internet Marketing
  • Computers and Technology
  • Finance and Investment
  • Food and Beverage
  • Health and Fitness
  • Family and Home Living
  • Sports
  • Education
  • Society and Culture
  • Travel
  • Auto
  • Communication and Writing
  • Personal Development

That's 5 articles in 15 different categories for a total of 75 articles per week. The longer you stay as a member, the more articles and PLR ebooks/turnkey product you'll recieve. In just one month you'll recieve about 300 articles from 15 market categories.

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Are the PLR articles really FREE?

By now you're wondering - how can I give all these away free? Are there hidden charges? Well, I do not give certain products away free outright as it would devalue the original product (and some product licenses restrict me from giving them away free).

Initially, I wanted to charge $19.95/month based on the numerousn articles you are recieving, but that could be costly to some. I know other membership sites are charging that much just for monthly articles download.

As many are wanting to start a new Internet business in this unpredictable economy and/or to supplement their income, I want to provide you an excellent FREE PLR membership site that's affordable for you.

Then I thought what if I can keep membership free and still cover my cost/time of delivering these PLR content to you?

The final choice came spreading the message about" Weekly Free PLR Articles" - where you will earn a prize for referring people to this site! I'm hoping to build a brand for this website and I need your help getting more people to join.

It's a fair trade between you and me!

Now, isn't that better than paying $19.95/month?

Remember, it's not like you'll be recieving an email from me daily. I hate annoying and constant false-promise "information overload" sales pitch as much as you do. An email once a week to make use of your PLR materials gives you plenty of time to breath and not overwhelm you. And if I do recommend you a product, it's only because the value is excellent -- building a real solid businesss foundation, not another "get rich quick" stuff of the day.

To sweeten this membership deal, I'm offering you even more great bonuses for FREE!

Bonus #1 - PLR Video Training Series

Access to video training series to make money and profit from your PLR materials

Still confuse on what to do with all these PLR articles, ebooks, and templates? What if so many people download the articles? Won't it create massive duplication and thus get penalized by Google?

Or, perhaps some of folks might be clueless all together on how to profit from using PLR content.

Guess what? At least 80% of new Internet marketers are not using PLR content to its full potential. Many just copy-n-paste on their blog/website and wondering why they're not making any money. As a result, they might give up on Internet Marketing all together. Please do not give up!

If you're just starting or need a quick visual refresher, this 6-part step-by-step video training series will help you out.

Topics include:
1) PLR Intro - Getting Started and Tools you need
2) PLR Articles
3) PLR eBooks
4) PLR Audio eBooks/Articles
5) PLR Videos
6) PLR Software

Bonus #2 - "Weekly Extreme Traffic" Software

This bonus belongs in a seperate box on its own!

New easy-to-install and easy-to-use desktop software on the market that was intended to be sold for $77 is FREE with no catch!

Does the "weekly" implies you'll be getting just a major boost of website traffic just once a week? No, this automated targeted traffic getting technology software is so powerful such that it requires you to work a few minutes a week!

Or, use it everyday if you wish...

  • Instantaneously submit your content to high ranking websites on the Internet
  • Rank on the Page #1 of Google and Youtube using Video, Article, and Press Release sites
  • Generate Traffic by Syndicating Your Best Content using Twitter and Digg
  • Go Viral... Establish Credibility, Exposure and Authority Online
  • Product/Offer + Converting Website + Targeted Traffic = Sales!

This software (less than 2 MB) is perfect for the PLR articles and content you'll be recieving. Use PLR articles to create reports, ebooks, unique articles, blog posts, article videos, and then submit your website using this traffic software to popular video sharing sites, top article directories, press release sites, and social media media sites.

Bonus #3 - Niche Marketing/Info Product Membership Package

Info Product Membership Package

Our AUTOMATED system will send you the complete ready-made membership site packages - it includes THREE different high-quality information products (sales letter, download page, rebrandable ebooks, editable graphics, email autoresponder series) in different market niches. You may purchase this package immediately or get it FREE by referring a certain number of people. Either way, you'll be getting a bargain to start your own online money-making empire!

Sell the product individually ($67 value per product!) or start your very own paid monthly membership site selling the turnkey products. You'll be getting Private Label Rights to a couple of turn key products (editable eBook, reports, graphics, sales pages, email autoresponder series, etc). Perhaps you can even start your own monthly paid membership site with these rebrandable products while adding your own products as well!

  • Edit the product, change the cover, add your own name, and more
  • Each turnkey product comes with email autoresponder series, rebrandable PSD ecover, editable ebook/Word Doc, editable report, sales letter, affiliate page, etc.
  • You get your very own sales page to start your own membership site (can be used on almost any membership scripts)
  • Setup a membership site and offer a new product every month for recurring passive income!

This package is worth immense value and at least several hundreds dollars (and weeks) if you were to hire Graphics Artists, Web Designers, and Copywriters to do the work.

When you become a member of this site, you'll recieve a unique referral link.

All you need to do is refer "X" number of people to this site who join as a member. You'll be credited for every sign up. Once you refer a certain number of new member, a special website link will automatically be active for you to download the bonus package!

Or, if you eager and truly excited, you can purchase this package for a very low price as a LIMITED time offer.

Unlike the other bonuses, I can not give way this one outright free since it's worth a lot of value. Either purchase it at a bargain (limited time offer) or refer "X" number of people to join this site.

This particular bonus offer alone should be a no-brainer decision to join now - but I know you have a brain. =)

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